The Quinton House was started by Robert Thomas in late 2016. Robert is an addict who has been in recovery for ten years. When his recovery journey was first starting, he was a member of a church community that greatly helped him through that time. Having a place to hang out and people to hang out with that didn’t do drugs was absolutely essential for him in his recovery. The church group provided him with marketing training, and he was able to get a job. Now he has an exciting career and has really turned his life around.

This experience inspired Robert to start the Quinton House. Robert dreamed of starting a similar organization that would give those who are new in recovery a place to be that didn’t involve drinking or drugs. The Quinton House is named after Jeremy Quinton, a dear friend of Robert’s who unfortunately lost the battle with drugs when he overdosed on heroin in 2002. Jeremy lives on in Robert’s memory, and Robert has committed his life to helping others on their recovery journeys.

The Quinton House
3746 Earnhardt Drive
McClusky, ND 58463
Phone: 502-626-3240